by Airduster

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released October 1, 2019

Recorded by Airduster
Drums recorded by Mike Matejick at Burnt Toast Studios
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Mastering
Illustration by David Paul Seymour


all rights reserved



Airduster Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Puttyhead
update your operating system
upload your head to the cloud
conformity is our mission
like you cant figure it out
spread your cheeks
check your privilege
do a dance for some clout
reality clouding your vision?
we’ll cut your frequency out

submission subliminal
performative sentinel
a puritan ritual

sync up - telepathy
kneed the folds and creases to put you in phase
grease up your empathy
so i can shape, mold, squeeze your putty head

i slither into the coziest space i find
put a bug in your ear
it crawls into the need you have to be liked
the inhibitions appear
no truth could ever compete
with simulation so blissfully chic
Track Name: Sniff
belle of the victims ball
furrowed-browed neanderthal
found a man to suckle at her filth
made him drink it all
weak-kneed pageantry
anonymous malignancy
spreads itself around like a cancer
on your fucking scene

drink from it
your cup of iniquity
we feed on it
the juices of your disease
its your experience
its your corrupt fantasy
so spew it out how you want
we know what it is and what it ain't
Track Name: Holier Than Mao
black shroud
holier than Mao
buried in the garden
common sense retarded
human rights
pumpkin spice
jumpin' at shadows

heads bowed
the less he absorbs
the more he is sure in his
moralist hissy fit
but down here on Earth
nobody's pure

millennial christ is down with the cause
millennial christ is judging you now
Track Name: Rosaries
open season
conspire to atone
sift through the debris
defile the headstones

they’re feeding off suffering
captain obvious is dying to trend
shock troops of your moral superior
lusting after all your compassionate friends

rack the slide
come inside
hear it in the hallways
falsified and aligned
i can hear it always
always in my range

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